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Ec-Ohio: the Ohio-based Green Directory and Website

Ecology and Environmentalism are movements that are finally reaching critical mass. Most of us now recognize that we're stressing our environment beyond its limits and that things have to change. The questions on the table now are "what things?" and "who does the changing?" and "how much change?"

The good news is that the environment is now a genuine political issue, and some amount of high-level positive change is starting to be a possibility. Indeed Green may be the concept that saves our economy.

But while the government is the only avenue for certain levels of change, individual citizens and consumers also have a major role to play. If people choose organic food or environmentally friendly products over environmentally damaging or toxic options the business community will respond. If people decide to renovate existing structures, using green building principles and products, the construction industries will respond. Desires drive solutions.

Why the Ec-Ohio Green Directory?

Tooling around the net, you can find more and more environmentally friendly products and services, which is good. But one of the fundamental principles of environmentalism or Green Living is the concept of Buying Locally (more below about buying locally). If you live in Ohio, what are your green options? What's available, and where is it? The Ec-Ohio Green Directory is here to help. You can search for products/services using the Search Box or you can browse the directory categories in the left column. The entries can be sorted by city, by county and by product.

The goal of this directory and website two-fold:

  • to spread greater awareness of environmentally positive products, services and lifestyle choices in general, and
  • to promote Ohio-based providers and thus encourage local/regional buying.

Submit to the Directory

Visit our Contact Page for more details and a submission form. Our goal is to create a genuinely useful resource so please, if you have an Ohio-based green business and it's not in the directory yet, send your information!

Buy Local

Locally manufactured products use less fuel to be transported to their final destination -- a basic concept with profound implications. Most of what we buy today comes from across the world, or across the country. This affects jobs and product quality (in the case of manufactured goods - hows that lead in your child's toys working out for you?) and it affects food quality (in the case of agricultural goods). And of course, it uses fuel -- fuel that is running out, fuel for which we're fighting wars.

Unfortunately none of us can purchase everything we need from local or even regional providers. Our economy emphasizes the exact opposite; companies are encouraged to centralize, manufacture where cheap labor is available and ship products worldwide. But, throughout the country, there are farmers and companies who are providing food and products that are environmentally friendly. Some of those providers are right here in Ohio. Choosing a green product over an environmentally damaging counterpart is positive. Choosing a green product that was made near where you live is even better.

The Agricultural Connection

As we're compiling the directory we're finding that, as expected, there's a lot of holes we'd like to see filled. But one area that is ripe for Green Living in Ohio is food. We have active organic farms all over the state, and a good and growing selection of Farmer's Markets and CSA programs. Read more about Ohio Agriculture on the How's Ohio Doing? page.


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