Administration Moves Backwards on Caring for the Earth

by Paula Apynys for Green Living

Bird on water, words: They Depend on US

This last election was beyond divisive, it was cataclysmic in its effect on relationships between people. There are people I never want to speak to again, and people who feel the same about me—and this pattern has played out across America. So I expect there are visitors to this site who would object to my political views and to who’s political views I’d object. But one thing I expect we mostly have in common is our respect and reverence for our Earth, and a desire to keep it healthy. Unfortunately the administration now in power does not share that feeling and is moving, on a number of fronts, to do damage.

They are in the process of:

  • Place an anti-environmentalist in charge of the EPA;
  • Trying to gut or even dismantle the EPA;
  • Rolling back laws such as prohibitions against coal companies dumping waste into streams and rivers;
  • Increasing Fracking;
  • Pushing through the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines;
  • Ending supports for alternative energies while ramping up fossil fuel usage.

This administration is “Pro-Business” to the point of utter irresponsibility, seeming to believe that so long as someone is making money at it, no action should be prohibited. They have even floated schemes to privatize or sell our National Parks and other public lands. We must accept the degradation/monetization of our natural world so that a handful of wealthy people can become yet more wealthy—that is the message out of Washington right now.

I urge visitors here to let your Representatives know that you reject irresponsible treatment of the environment. Call/email/write your local, state and national reps. Write to your local newspapers. Post in Facebook. Tweet. Stand up for your planet!

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