The Art of the Commonplace

by Paula Apynys for Book Recommendations

The Art of the Commonplace

by Wendell Berry

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The tagline is: The Agrarian Essays

I can’t remember now whether Wendell Berry lead me to Fatal Harvest, or the reverse, but I discovered them at roughly the same time. Wendell Berry is a writer and farmer from Kentucky who writes beautiful, thoughtful and sometimes haunting essays that weave together farming, living, community, respect for land and the importance of meaningful work for quality of life, among other things.

He is a champion of the family farm, small business, local economies vs. global and quality of life NOW, not in some mythical future for which we must be willing to sacrifice our land, air, water, time and self-respect.

Wendell Berry sees the production of food as an almost sacred activity – worthy of the highest respect. He also believes the producer must, in turn, offer the highest respect to nature and the land.

Here’s a link to Wendell Berry Quotes – to give you a feel for him.

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