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Free-Range Meats, Poultry, Eggs

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Amazing Graze Farm: Phone: 740-668-8200.
We have pastured poultry available from June through September. We have pasture-raised turkeys available the week of Thanksgiving. We have grass fed beef and lamb, and pork. For the pigs we use all-natural feeds and no hormones or additives. We have eggs year-round from free-range, healthy, happy chickens. We are not certified organic, but use no sprays or chemicals. Address: 23700 Divan Road, Utica, Ohio 43080. Visit website for more information.
City: Utica. County: Knox. Website:

Bensman Family Farms: Phone: 937-902-1172.
At Bensman Family Farms we raise and sell grass fed beef and heritage (Berkshire) pork. Antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides and pesticides are not used on our farm. We are currently selling from our farm and are evaluating the options of farmers markets and CSAs. Delivery is available for larger orders. Provide your email address on our website for updates and special offers. Address: 3440 Pekin Road, Waynesville, OH 45068. Visit website for more information.
City: Waynesville. County: Warren. Website:

Berry Family Farm: Phone: 740-468-3579.
We raise Beef Cattle, Pork, Chicken, Turkey and Sheep. We also grow corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Our mission is to provide our friends, families and the community with the products and education needed to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. We are so pleased and honored that you are visiting our website to learn more about our farm and products that we sell. We trust that you will like what you see and choose to come visit us. Visit website for more information.
City: Pleasantville. County: Fairfield. Website:

Bindel Farm: Phone: 330-648-2310.
"The Bindel Farm is a small family farm located in the southwest corner of rural Medina county. On the farm, we specializes in grass fed, free ranging Chickens, Turkeys, and Pigs. We also grow a large variety of vegetables which are sold at the farm. All of our vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides." Address: 6736 River Corners Road, Spencer, Ohio 44275. Visit website for more information.
City: Spencer. County: Medina. Website:

Blackbird Farms: Phone: 440-577-1505.
Pasture Raised Pork. Address: 5227 Graham Road, Pierpont Ohio, 44082. E-mail: or Contact Blackbird Farms for more information.
City: Pierpont. County: Ashtabula. Website: None

Buckeye Highlands: Phone: n/a.
"All of our cattle eat a 100% organic-certified grass diet, and every animal that is utilized for meat production has been born and raised on our farm. The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association is our certifying agency. Annual recertification and inspection are necessary to obtain our organic meat label. Our cattle live outdoors in perfect harmony with nature: this is reflected by their docility, great health, and longevity - our cows commonly produce calves until 16 years of age, which is much longer than most breeds of beef cattle. Our goals in working with the Scottish Highland breed are to produce healthy, tasty meat and to improve the grass finishing genetics within the breed." Address: 43016 Buckeye Road, Lisbon, Ohio 44432. Visit website for more information.
City: Lisbon. County: Columbiana. Website:

Canal Junction Natural Meats and Dairy: Phone: 419-399-2350.
"Canal Juction Natural Meats is part of our family-owned farm operation.We are located just south of the historically rich junction of the old Miami and Erie and Wabash Canals, thus the name C/J Natural Meats. In addition to our main dairy enterprise, we utilize rotational grazing in the production of beef, poultry, lamb, pork, turkey and brown eggs." Address: 18637 Road 168, Defiance, Ohio, 43512. Visit website for more information.
City: Defiance. County: Defiance. Website:

Carousel Watergardens Farm: Phone: 740-387-3580.
Carousel Watergardens Farm is a small family farm in Marion, Ohio. We raise vegetables, fruit, chicken, turkey and eggs. We offer spring, summer and winter CSA's as well as a Thanksgiving CSA, offering vegetables, limited fruit, egg and meat (chicken/ turkey). We do several farmers markets throughout the season where we deliver our CSA's. Our winter CSA's are picked up at the Columbus Winter Farmers Market ( Our summer CSA's are delivered at the Westerville Farmers market on Wednesdays, and the Granville Farmers Market on Saturdays and also Hilliard Farmers Market on Tuesdays. Please see our website for more information on our CSA's. Buy Fresh Buy Local Support your Local Farmer. Address: 1970 Marion Marysville Rd, Marion, OH 43302. Visit website for more information.
City: Marion. County: Marion. Website:

Crossroads Farm: Phone: 740-686-2153.
Pasture-raised chickens, turkeys and grass-finished lamb. Address: 45021 Belmont-Centerville Road, Belmont, Ohio, 43718. Contact Crossroad Farm for more information.
City: Belmont. County: Belmont. Website: None

Dry Creek Valley Farm: Phone: 740-587-2273.
Grass fed and finished beef from herd of Red Angus cows. Address: 2562 Dry Creek Road NW, Granville OH 43023. E-mail: Call for more information.
City: Granville. County: Licking. Website: None

Eat Food For Life Farms: Phone: 419-336-5433.
E.A.T. Food for Life Farm is a 140-acre, certified organic, family farm located in northern Darke county near North Star, Ohio. Our family mission is to grow and distribute nutritious, safe foods that nourish, protect, and support life for improved health and energy...Eat Food for Life provides Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Buffalo, Lamb and Goat meats. Address: 14360 Mangen Road, Yorkshire, Ohio 45388. Visit website for more information.
City: Yorkshire. County: Darke. Website:

Flying J Farms: Phone: 740-967-4030.
"We raise grass-fed beef cattle in a chemical-free pastured environment. This meat is available most of the year in popular cuts for your dinner table. We produce beef in this way because it is healthier for human consumption than conventionally raised beef." Address: 5329 Van Fossen Road, Johnstown, OH 43031. Visit website for more information.
City: Johnstown. County: Licking. Website:

Fox Hollow Farm: Phone: 740-694-8528.
"We sell naturally raised lamb and beef, eggs from free-range hens...We use intensive grazing because we have found it to be the best for the animals, the environment, and the quality of meat. Our sheep and cattle move to a new pasture frequently (daily at times).  Grass fed meat is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and has many other benefits over grain fed meat." Address: 20060 Gilmore Road, Fredericktown, Ohio, 43019. Visit website for more information.
City: Fredericktown. County: Knox. Website:

Frijolito Farm: Phone: 614-390-2692.
Frijolito Farm started as a backyard urban farm, and has grown to include multiple locations around Columbus. Although we are not certified organic, it is our goal to produce the most wholesome food for our family and yours using clean, chemical-free, ecologically responsible methods. Other than initial tilling with a rototiller, all our gardening is done by hand. We sell brown eggs, chicken, chicken sausage and produce at local farmers markets and directly to the consumer. Our CSA gift cards offer an alternative to the CSA model. Our poultry is free-ranged on land that is a mix of grass and forest. We feed them a pre-mixed, non-medicated feed made from grains with vitamin and mineral supplements. The laying hens also receive large amounts of fruit and vegetable scraps. Address: 2130 Paul Drive, Columbus, OH. Visit website for more information.
City: Columbus. County: Franklin. Website:

Graham Farms Omega Meats: Phone: 491-392-6868.
Grass fed beef and pastured poultry. Address: 11415 Pollock, Grand Rapids Ohio 43522. E-mail:  Contact for more information.
City: Grand Rapids. County: Wood. Website: None

Granger Line Farm: Phone: 330-807-6761.
We are a family run farm. We raise and sell heritage pigs and poultry. Our livestock is pasture raised. We do not use prophylactic antibiotics or growth hormones. We produce wholesome flavorful food for our family and community. Address: 3889 Allard Road, Medina, OH 44256. Visit website for more information.

City: Medina. County: Medina. Website:

Grass Fed Farms: Phone: 937-580-6251.
"Grass Fed Farms is a small family owned and operated farm in South Western Ohio. We began raising our own natural food about eight years ago and began to realize there were many others who would like us to do the same for them. We love what we do and enjoy sharing it with others. We are always looking for different products to add our list, so if you have ideas by all means communicate with us and we will consider them. We currently offer Grass Fed beef, poultry, and lamb." Address: 2401 Twin Road, West Alexandria, Ohio 45381.
City: Alexandria. County: Licking. Website:

Green Grass Farm: Phone: 740-591-5485.
The Cooper Family is dedicated to delivering to you the same quality meat that we enjoy on our own table everyday. From our pasture to your plate - food you can trust...Grass Fed and finished beef and lamb. No Growth Hormones or Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics. Farmed With the Fuel of the Sun - Not Oil. Address: 12840 Cowan Road, Athens, Ohio 45701. Visit website for more information.
City: Athens. County: Athens. Website:

Green Vista Farm: Phone: 330-263-7978.
"Green Vista Farm is owned and operated by the Berger family with the health and comfort of the animals as a top priority. Green Vista is a 100% grassfed to finish, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) certified organic beef farm. Located in the rolling countryside of northeast Ohio, we offer a local source of gourmet grassfed beef. We are 30 minutes from Medina, 45 minutes from Akron or Canton and less than an hour from Cleveland." Address: 8200 Lattasburg Road, Wooster OH, 44691. Visit website for more information.
City: Wooster. County: Wayne. Website:

Heirloom Beef Company: Phone: 937-763-5536.
"Our beef is exclusively from our own herd of  Angus cows. The calves are raised on a total grass and forage diet. They are never implanted with hormones or given growth promoting antibiotics. The calves we market as grass fed never receive grain or by-products of any kind. Our goal is to produce a high select/low choice grade product. Juicy, tasty, and tender with great beef flavor." Address: 23173 State Route 247, Seaman OH 45679. Visit website for more information.
City: Seaman. County: Adams. Website:

Highland Haven Farm: Phone: 513-232-8585.
Authentic Heritage foods produced on our farm include pasture raised beef, lamb, goat, poultry, and eggs. Raw milk butter, yogurt, cream and cheese from our herd of dairy cows (through herdshares), organic produce CSA, baked goods, jams, maple syrup, sorghum molasses and fresh cornmeal. We are located off the grid and we rely on horses and hand labor instead of tractors to do our farming. When you buy from Highland Haven Farm you're supporting: Zero Waste, Sustainable Farming, Carbon Sequestration, Clean Food at a Fair Price. Visit our website for more information. We have weekly delivery to the greater Cincinnati area. Address: 12221 Turley Lane, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133.
City: Hillsboro. County: Highland. Website:

Johnson Farms: Phone: 937-685-2052.
Free Range Chickens and Turkeys. Address: 3936 Farmers Rd., Wilmington, Ohio 45177. Call for more information.
City: Wilmington. County: Clinton. Website: None

Jubilee Meadows Farm: Phone: 419-946-1413.
Grassfed beef, pork, chickens and eggs. Address: 5867 Township Road 97, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338. E-mail: Call for more information.
City: Mt. Gilead. County: Morrow. Website: None

Kestral View Farm: Phone: None.
Grassfed Red Angus beef cattle and Broad-Breasted White turkeys. Address: 5811 Sportsman Club Road, Johnstown Ohio, 43031. E-mail: Email for more information.
City: Johnstown. County: Licking. Website: None

Liberty Farm: Phone: 419-362-1065.
"We have 100% grass-fed, drug-free lamb to offer for sale. Our lambs produce very mild flavored meat. They eat nothing but grass and mother's milk with some vitamin and mineral supplement. In addition, we have chicken and eggs. Our meat birds and laying hens are fed certified organic feed and live on pasture in hoop houses that we move regularly to fresh grass." Address: 6460 Township Road 49, Lexington Ohio, 44904. Visit website for more information.
City: Lexington. County: Richland. Website:

Little Red Hens Coop: Phone: 937-393-9931.
Fresh farm "brown" eggs, $2/dozen. My chickens are treated very humanely, most have names, they have free choice for their food and water. They are cage free and have a fenced area that are free to roam. No antibiotics.<br>6931 Crestview Lane, Hillsboro, OH 45133. Call for more information.
City: Hillsboro. County: Highland. Website: None

LittleFoot Family Farms: Phone: 937-358-2759.
Pastured Poultry. Address: 27862 State Route 31, Richwood OH  43344. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Richwood. County: Union. Website: None

Long Meadows Grass Beef: Phone: 740-668-7705.
Grassfed beef. Address: 2365 Henpeck Road, Utica, Ohio 43080. Call for more information.
City: Utica. County: Licking. Website: None

Longhorns Head to Tail Store: Phone: 740-758-5050.
"We believe cattle should be healthy - and beef healthy for you...We believe our health and well-being is best served when beef is free range raised, grass fed, and totally produced without steroids, hormones, or growth implants...We believe food, animals and the land should be managed using sustainable, humane practices that promote the long-term health of rural families, consumers, and communities in the USA...LHT Store sells pure Texas Longhorn beef grass-raised at one ranch from conception until consumption." Address: 35500 Muskrat Road, Barnesville, Ohio, 43713. Visit website for more information.
City: Barnesville. County: Belmont. Website:

Lucky M Farm: Phone: 513-877-2940.
Grassfed beef. Address: 8811 Morrow Rossburg, Pleasant Plain, Ohio 45162. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Pleasant Plain. County: Warren. Website: None

Luginbill Family Farm: Phone: 419-306-8580.
"Luginbill Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm. We offer grass fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chickens, turkeys, and free range eggs.&nbsp; In the near future we will be adding pastured lamb to our list of products. Luginbill Family Farm is now in our 4th year of working to produce the healthiest pastured products available for our customers." Address: 3125 Road North, Pandora, Ohio, 45877. Visit website for more information.
City: Pandora. County: Putnam. Website:

McNutt Farm II: Phone: 740-674-4555.
Grass fed beef. Address: 6120 Cutler Lake Road, Blue Rock, Ohio 43720. Call for more information.
City: Blue Rock. County: Muskingum. Website: None

Menagerie Farms: Phone: 419-924-2857.
Grassfed beef, pork, poultry, eggs and lamb. Address: 18386 County Road M, West Unity, Ohio 43570. Call for more information.
City: West Unity. County: Williams. Website: None

Miller Livestock: Phone: 330-876-5655.
Pasture fed beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey. Address: 9590 Kinsman-Pymatuning Road, Kinsman, Ohio 44428. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Kinsman. County: Trumbull. Website: None

Ohio Grass-Fed Lamb: Phone: 440-647-0037.
Our goal is to bring you the healthiest and tastiest grass-fed lamb available. Our lambs are born in springtime onto lush, green pasture and remain on pasture throughout their growth. Our pastures are pesticide and herbicide free, and have been planted and managed to provide an ideal diet for grass-fed animals. The lambs are moved each day to fresh pasture and are never given even the smallest amount of grain. Needless to say, they are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. If you would like to receive an email attachment with all of our pricing and ordering information, send us an email and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!  Address: 26545 Hawley Road, Wellington, Ohio 44090. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Wellington. County: Lorain. Website: None

Olding Turkey Farm: Phone: 419-375-2237.
Pasture raisee heritage bronze and large white turkeys. Address: 411 Fox Road, Fort Recovery OH 45846. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Fort Recovery. County: Mercer. Website: None

Pheasantview Family Farm: Phone: 740-358-2273.
We offer naturally raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey as well as eggs and produce in season. We also offer CSA packages for the summer season. During the fall, Christmas and beginning Easter 2012 we will hold events at our farm for families to enjoy the country setting! Address: 2510 Twp Rd 192, Fredericktown. Visit website for more information.
City: Fredericktown. County: Morrow. Website:

Poplar Creek Pastured Poultry: Phone: 614-208-0540.
I raise free range heritage layer chickens and Bourbon Red turkeys, as well as a few Buff ducks and red ranger meat chickens. Address: 11635 Poplar Creek Rd., Baltimore, OH 43105. Visit website for more information.
City: Baltimore. County: Fairfield. Website:

Red Run Bison and Horse Farm: Phone: 330-855-1394.
"Bison meat is delicious and healthy and contains less fat than beef or the white meat of chicken! Because buffalo is raised without using hormones or chemicals, it is excellent for the health-conscious consumer. It tastes like beef. Try some -- we're sure you'll like it!" Visit website for more information. Address: 9143 Coal Bank Road, Marshallville, OH 44645, Email:
City: Marshallville. County: Wayne. Website:

Red Sun Farm: Phone: 513-683-9780.
"We are dedicated to bringing people healthy and earth friendly farm products. Eating healthy is a right, not just a privilege. Imagine having to live in a cramped, confined space, denied access to most natural surroundings and sometimes even being denied food and water. Sounds like a prison! We do not force our animals to be confined, let them eat natural grass and roam our pastures freely. The result is stress-free animals that are healthier -- and tastier -- than commercial, "factory farm" animals. Our current product line (beef, pork, eggs, chicken) are all raised on pasture and as naturally as possible. We never use hormones and only use antibiotics to treat a seriously ill animal." Address: 10995 Grog Run Road, Loveland, Ohio, 45140. Visit website for more information.
City: Loveland. County: Hamilton. Website:

SAND Farm LLC: Phone: 440-552-7605.
Our name is exactly what we strive for, to be a Sustainable Agricultural Natural Diversified farm (SAND). We currently raise grass-fed free-range long horns with no antibiotics or hormones. We also raise free-range pork. You can find us at Geauga Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, May through October. During the winter we provide delivery and pick up options. Address: 7098 Hayes Road, Andover, OH 44003. Visit website for more information.
City: Andover. County: Ashtabula. Website:

Settlage Century Farm: Phone: 419-753-2709.
Grassfed beef and lamb. Address: 12218 SR 29, St. Marys, Ohio 45885. Call for more information.
City: St. Marys. County: Auglaize. Website: None

Speckled Hen Farm: Phone: 419-210-7437.
Pastured heirloom chickens and heritage breed turkeys. Address: 5675 County Road 23, Cardington, Ohio  43315. E-mail: Call for more information.
City: Cardington. County: Morrow. Website: None

Stoll Select Farm: Phone: 937-592-5147.
"On the farm we raise grass-fed beef through a managed intensive grazing system. These cattle and born and raised on the farm in conjunction with our Christmas tree operation. Cattle are typically available in the late summer and early fall and are sold as a whole, half, or a half of a half portion of beef." 5952 State Route 540, Bellefontaine Ohio, 43311. Visit website for more information.
City: Bellefontaine. County: Logan. Website:

Sunnyland Grass Fed Lambs: Phone: 614-506-7223.
"Sunnyland is a family farm in Mount Gilead, Ohio.  We raise grass fed katahdin lambs for freezer meat.  Katahdin sheep have hair instead of wool giving them a mild flavor. They are also known for their lean meat.  Our lambs are raised humanely by their mothers on forty-nine acres of pastures instead of a feed lot." Address: 5277 State Route 95, Mount Gilead, OH 43338. Visit website for more information.
City: Mount Gilead. County: Morrow. Website:

Sweet Meadows: Phone: 866-411-9151.
Grassfed beef and lamb. We also provide pastured pork, free range chicken, and brown eggs from pastured hens. Address: 2782 Maple Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio 43701. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Zanesville. County: Muskingum. Website: None

The Cook's Country Garden, Farm Market: Phone: 614-377-0529.
We are a pasture centered farm raising sheep, poultry (chicken varieties, duck varieties, turkeys and geese (these last two are limited and seasonal). We are certified to sell eggs wholesale and retail. We live on 5.3 acres of land in Hilliard. We don't use pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones. No cages and they are in the barn at night and roam freely during the daylight hours. Our egg cartons are made from pulp. We custom process our poultry and also have Ohio State inspected processed poultry available. Our Lamb is processed at an Ohio State inspected facility. Address: 8025 Patterson Road, Hilliard, OH 43206. Visit website for more information.
City: Hilliard. County: Franklin. Website:

Timberlane Organic Farms: Phone: 419-603-8066.
Organic Beef and Pork - Farm Raised - Certified by OEFFA. Located in Bellevue, Ohio, we are entering our 19th year of production. Our cattle are raised on rotational pasture and graze during the growing season. During the winter months they are fed organic hay which we make from our clover and alfalfa fields. We also provide an organic Kelp mineral supplement with a small amount of organic grain. All our hay and grain is grown on our land and is <span style="font-weight: bold;">certified organic by OEFFA.</span> We also raise Duroc/York cross hogs. They are fed our organic grain mix along with our organic Kelp supplements. Visit our website for more information.
City: Bellevue. County: Huron. Website:

Touch of Class Farm: Phone: 440-422-3256.
Touch of Class farm is a very small family farm. We raise a small number of heritage turkeys that are day pasture raised. Call us or stop in to order your turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Address: 1538 E. Windsor Road, Orwell, OH 44076.
City: Orwell. County: Ashtabula. Website: none

Whispering Pines Farm: Phone: 937-429-3792.
A family farm in the Kettering/Sugarcreek Township area. We offer free-range chicken (seasonal) and fresh brown eggs. Address: 4169 Swigart Road, Dayton, OH 45440. Visit Facebook page for more information.
City: Dayton. County: Greene. Website:

Whispering Pines Farm: Phone: 330-568-7137.
Established for over 30 years. Free-Range Poultry, Eggs. Specializing in Garlic and Free-Range Brown eggs. Made-to-order pastas and home baked goods. Address: 1134 Warner Road, Hubbard, OH 44425. Call or email: siouxmedicine at
City: Hubbard. County: Trumbull. Website: none

Whistling Pines Goat Farm & Mackenzie Creamery: Phone: 330-569-3387.
Grassfed goat meat and cheese. Address: 6722 Pioneer Trail, Hiram Ohio, 44234. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Hiram. County: Portage. Website: None

Yoder Farm: Phone: 330-698-0340.
Grassfed beef and lamb. Address: 8561 Bear Hollow Road, Apple Creek Ohio 44606. (330) 698-0340. E-mail: Contact for more information.
City: Apple Creek. County: Wayne. Website: None

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