Industrial Agriculture versus Agroecology

by Paula Apynys for Green Living

Agroecology infographic

Found this “infographic” recently and wanted to share it:

It’s a beautifully produced 1-page graphical guide to the differences between Industrial Agriculture and an ecological system of agriculture. It was done, I believe, in 2012.

The introduction: “Currently 1 billion people in the world are hungry and another billion over eat unhealthy foods. One-third of food produced is wasted and the productivity of nearly half of all soil worldwide is decreasing. In order to feed our world without destroying it, a holistic type of agriculture is needed, and we have a choice. Here we compare the current high-input industrial system with a renewed vision for agriculture: the agroecological system.”

“Agroecological strategies can better feed the world, fight climate change and poverty, and protect soil and water while maintaining healthy, livable communities and local economies. Industrial agriculture contributes to climate change, malnutrition and ecosystem degradation around the planet. It has not delivered on its promise to feed the world.

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