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America’s Non-Employment Policy

by Paula Apynys | August 29th, 2014

Currently America lacks an Employment Policy. There are a hodge-podge of efforts trying to mitigate unemployment but there is no proactive effort in Washington to develop and sustain employment in America.

I think  (obviously this is a broad statement) there is a widespread belief that jobs are the natural fruits of other things — that if deficits are low or taxes are at the “right” levels and/or the stock market is thriving or new markets become available overseas — if some combination of these is effectively managed, then jobs will naturally follow. So far they haven’t. But rather than questioning the underlying assumptions, our leaders continue to try to improve the results by adjusting interest rates (or refraining), trying to open overseas markets through trade agreements and making various tweaks to the tax code, etc.

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Occupy Rabbits — Green Beans #2

by Jim Gill | August 29th, 2014
Occupy Rabbits Comic by Jim Gill