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A “New” Economy: Start by Increasing Minimum Wage

by Paula Apynys | December 6th, 2014

The reality that our economy doesn’t seem to be working particularly well for much of America seems to be seeping into our collective consciousness. It’s a topic I’m seeing addressed in more and more outlets, which is good news. Of course the screaming question is “what to do about it?”

I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with friends the other night in which we discussed and debated that question. We didn’t arrive at any definite answers but we did start to agree on a couple of basic ideas:

  • New conditions require new approaches;
  • We have to stop the relentless reduction of value being assessed in dollars, and people being viewed as expendable units who’s primary purpose is to consume;
  • localize, localize, localize!

But when I suggested raising the minimum wage, some folks balked. It was interesting. People immediately began listing the reasons why it couldn’t be done, which boiled down to: “folks at the top won’t let it happen” and “won’t it destroy jobs?”

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