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Violence and the Economy

by Paula Apynys | December 3rd, 2015

We’ve had another mass shooting. The immediate aftermath of these events automatically initiates a firestorm of accusations, counter-accusations, arguments about gun-control, terrorism, the media, political positioning, etc. More people buy guns, we call each other a new round of names as disagreements get heated and then we settle back into our lives and wait for the next shooting (at which point that whole cycle spins again). Mixed in with the blaming is always the analysis by various folks as to why these things happen and keep happening, and what we might do about it all.

It occurred to me today that, as with many things, we are focusing a bit too granularly on the individuals and their lives, when it might help to take a few steps back. It then occurred to me that we can spin our wheels and spend lots of time and money trying to solve the host of problems/issues of which violent outbreaks are the symptom, or we can get down to root causes.

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